Hives are a project of the Mozilla Foundation (the organization behind Firefox). They are comprised of organizations (libraries, museums, schools and non-profit startups) and individuals (educators, designers, community catalysts and makers). Together, they create opportunities for youth to learn within and beyond the confines of traditional classroom experiences.

Earlier this year, Hive approached me to develop a new brand and set of accompanying guidelines for their evolved structure now incorporating Networks, Communities and Partnerships. The brief was seeking a subtle transformation of their existing logomark with a new approach to their guidelines. 





Early drafts included typographic treatments and more whimsical representations of the focal points of Hives. 






Members of Hives often include cultural institutions and direct service educational organizations.


Subsequent iterations were based on existing Hive assets, including the current logo. The new versions conveyed connectivity, and simplification:


The final version borrowed from the second round of iterations and used elements of the Hive logo to designate the different tiers of Hive membership: